About the Organization

FFAI/Friendswood Fine Arts is a registered 501c3 Non Profit Organization, dedicated to "Encouraging Artistic Opportunity and Community Creativity" through various free arts and cultural events produced throughout the year. Art in the Park is their largest event of the year, designed to enrich the landscape of Friendswood and the surrounding areas.

FFAI is run entirely by Volunteers which allow all profits by our organization to be returned to the community through organization donations and events such as Art in the Park. No individual will profit monatarily from their efforts through Friendswood Fine Arts, an approach that has aided the success of FFAI since its inception in 2009. All event proceeds benefit the successful continuation of the FFAI Vision through community work and art promotion. We are truly greatful for all of the FFAI Volunteers who come together through their love of the arts and their dedication to our community, without whom none of our successes could have been accomplished.